Part 2: Understanding the Factors Influencing Business Multiples with Ryan Mingus

Unravel the impact of the Fed and interest rate changes on the healthcare industry in part two  of our fascinating discussion with Ryan Mingus from Tusk Partners. Brace yourself as we demystify how market fluctuations affect deal size and multiples, along with the influence of employment contracts on business owners. Despite the market's unpredictability, we underscore the importance of persisting with opportunities and not falling into the trap of attempting to time it all.

Transitioning from the healthcare sector to the dental industry, we put the spotlight on how EBITDA and geography play a pivotal role in determining multiples. Depending on the size of your EBITDA, the range of multiples your business can expect is set. Be aware, though, that once you hit the $5 million mark, the returns start diminishing. Geographic location, too, impacts multiples, with states like Arizona, Texas, and Tennessee emerging as hotspots due to their attractive labor policies and population growth. Lastly, we shed light on the stark contrast in multiples between high-profile cities and mid-tier ones, highlighting the role of population growth in upping a business's value.

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