One year, six continents, and 35 countries with CEO of the DSO Project Jeromy Dixson

Dr. Jeromy Dixson took a two year  hiatus to plan the trip of a lifetime.  Here are the stats:

  • 1 full year
  • 5 backpacks (carry-on size)
  • 6 continents
  • 35 countries 
  • 50 UNESCO Heritage sites
  • 66 flights
  • 94 different accommodations

Surprisingly, it doesn't cost as much as you might think. 

The real question is, “How can you take off that much time and not get left behind?” Jeromy explains that when he came back he didn't feel like he missed out. 

We talk about the importance of quality of time vs quantity of time,  and how to balance life and success in this complicated world. 

Since returning, Jeromy has continued to be successful in his career in group dentistry.  His accolades include:

  • Founder and CEO of The DSO Project
  • Founder and CEO of Dental Capital Partners 
  • One of 7 Key DSO influencers named by Group Dentistry Now, 
  • Co-Founding Partner of Smart Dilligence, which is fundamentally transforming dental M&A diligence and compliance powered by AI, which is launching publicly in the next couple of months
  • 3X INC 500/5000 entrepreneur, currently co-founding a new business in the dental AI space that will fundamentally transform how dental transactions of all sizes are completed.

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