Navigating the World of Medical Aesthetics: A Journey with John Bergano

Join us with John Bergano, founder and CEO of Aesthetics Card, as we explore the world of medical aesthetics. Tapping into his background in luxury sales and marketing, John and his wife were able to transform a salon studio space into a tranquil aesthetics practice. Their story illustrates the importance of creating a unique value proposition for clients and navigating the demanding space of medical aesthetics. 

We dive into the innovative strategies John and his wife utilized when starting up, including designing brochures and going door-to-door to spread the word. Listen to how they read market indicators and prepared for an eventual exit from the business. The episode also ventures into the challenges of raising capital in the medical aesthetics space, the importance of excellent customer service, and the role of team management.

In our conversation, John sheds light on the significant learning curve they experienced in managing cash flow and expenses. They leveraged promotions, flash sales, and discounts to boost cash inflow and product movement. The discussion also revolves around the macro factors considered during the sale of their medical aesthetics practice, and gives a snapshot of the current state of the economy and the retail market. This episode is a wealth of information for anyone looking to understand the intricacies of starting and managing a medical aesthetics practice. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy this insightful conversation with John Bergano.

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