Investing in Control: A Real Estate Journey with David Phelps

Picture this: a 22-year-old convincing his father to embark on a real estate investment journey with him. That's the inspiring story of our guest, David Phelps, CEO and founder of Freedom Founders. In our time together, David delves into the fascinating landscape of his real estate investing journey, from buying his first property to dealing with the turbulence of fluctuating interest rates.

Expect a deep dive into the strategies David used in scaling his business, creating a mastermind group that bridged the gap between investors and business owners. Get insights on how he navigated the murky waters of the 2008 market, and how he structured deals to return up to 14% on investments. You'll also learn about the downsides of traditional retirement accounts and why it's critical to have control over your financial future. Intrigued yet?

As we wrap up, we shine a light on the current real estate market. David shares his perspective on debt financing versus equity investments, the stagnation of real estate prices, and the importance of being in control of one's financial future. If you're an investor – or aspiring to be one – this episode is a treasure trove of practical insights and hard-earned wisdom from a seasoned player in the real estate game.

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