Going from 0 to 700 locations with Steve Bilt

Steve Bilt is founder and CEO of Smile Brands, which has over 700 locations.

Growing to 700 locations has made Smile Brands one of the most formidable DSOs in the world, and they are no where near stopping.

Steve was asked to “retire” from the company he co-founded and subsequent to it struggling to maintain its historical success was able to re-acquire it and execute a dramatic turnaround and expansion.

During the show we talk about life principles and lessons that he lives by and how they can help anyone looking to advance their career and their life.

You can help support their nonprofit organization here: https://www.smilesforeveryone.org
Get in touch with Steve: Steve.bilt@smilebrands.com

If you need help finding the perfect location or your ready to invest in commercial real estate, email us at podcast@leadersre.com

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