From roommate of Rick Workman to Cofounder of Straine Dental Management

Jeff Staser is CFO and director of strategic planning at Straine Dental Management. They currently have 32 locations and set to close on 10 more in two months. 

Jeff grew up next door to Rick Workman who founded Heartland Dental, which has over 1,000 locations today. Dr. Workman hired Jeff straight out of college to work for him AND live with him as a roommate. Jeff goes on to tell the story of how they scaled Heartland. 

Jeff and Austin discuss what it takes to be an investor and the importance of diversifying your portfolio. Time in the market always beats timing the market. 

Jeff plans on growing Straine Dental in way that benefits all the doctor partners. 

Get in touch: 

Cell  217-821-5100 

Email: jeff@straine.come 

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