Five pre-negotiation pearls and five negotiation no-nos with Dr. Maryam Beyramian

Dr. Maryam Beyramian is CEO and founder of West Wind Integrated Health. They started in 2002 and now have 10 locations. Dr. Beyramian was a panelist at both the Dykema DSO event earlier this year and the DSO Summit in San Francisco.

Here are her five to do pre negotiation pearls for finding commercial real estate:

  1. Have a strong agent that works for you on your side, such as knowing the monthly budget.
  2. Know exactly what you want – traffic counts, anchor store in a shopping plaza, compare it to the traffic count of their other locations, etc 
  3. Look at 12 locations at least – see all aspects 
  4. Send offers  on 3 of them. Be verbal about your multiple locations to create leverage
  5. Make sure you have an attorney

The five no no’s to look out for in leases:

  1. Hidden fees (termination, transfer)
  2. Rent escalation – delay this until after year 2, try to stop at 2% maximum
  3. Excessive cam fees – make sure there’s a maximum cam fee
  4. Personal guarantee – She is 100% against it. Use a business guarantee if possible
  5. Financial statement – can ask for entire group instead; revenue, expenses, etc. 

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