Entering the dark tunnel of multi site dentistry w/ Dr. Kartik Antani

Dr. Kartik Antani is CEO of Bergen Street Dental Management. They have three locations and have been around since 2017. 

The mindset shift required to go from one to three locations requires massive adjustments in thinking and operations. Dr. Antani is chronicling his journey of the first few steps of scaling up and the change of perspective he’s seen in his organization. 

He and Austin talk about how to implement procedures for holding staff accountable early on. They also talk about the trade offs in owning real estate vs re-investing in the business.

Get in touch: kantani@gmail.com 

Facebook, Linked in: Dr. Kartik Antani

Dr. Kartiks book recommendation:


If you need help finding the perfect location or your ready to invest in commercial real estate, email us at podcast@leadersre.com.

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