Dr. Bradley Dykstra is the founder and CEO of my Smiles Dental Group

Dr. Bradley Dykstra is the founder and CEO of my Smiles Dental Group. They started in 2018 and currently have seven locations under management.

Dr. Dykstra tells his story about how growing up on a self sufficient farm in western Michigan helped prepare him to be a multi site dental operator. 

He opened his first practice in 1978 and and slowly, almost by accident, fell into the real estate game starting with his first dental building. Since then he’s focused on staying diversified as he’s grown his DSO. 

Listen in to learn how Dr. Dykstra secured some off market locations. He and Austin discuss the importance of culture: how do you define it and how do you improve it?


Email drdykstra@mismilesdentalgroup.com 

His Book:  Gateway To Your Body: How Your Smile Impacts Your Overall Health

If you need help finding the perfect location or your ready to invest in commercial real estate, email us at podcast@leadersre.com.

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