Chuck Blakeman, Founder and Chief Transformation Officer of Crankset Group

Chuck Blakeman is the Founder, Chief Transformation Officer of Crankset Group, author of the #1 rated business book of 2010 “Making money is Killing Your Business”, and has started and built 8 businesses internationally. 

Chuck brings his unique approach to scaling a business in this episode and goes into detail on what he thinks most businesses get completely wrong: management. Chuck is opposed to the hierarchical management style popular in corporate America today, and instead explains the “Lattice Approach” and how this can help organizations break free from their current bottle necks. The concept is simple, treat employees as adults capable of making decisions that will benefit the company overall. 

We also discuss assuming verses verifying and how that can have a catastrophic effect on the outcome. 

Chucks book recommendations are:

The Lattice Organization – Bill Gore (actually just a 16 page paper)
The Human Side of Enterprise – Douglas McGregor
The Art of Possibility – Zander & Zander
Seven Habits – Covey
Turn the Ship Around – David Marquet

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